MicroConcertino number 5 – Is it 5?


MicroConcertino number 5. Is it 5 ? I was talking at the beginning, but I think you can have too much talking !!

Brian May: MicroConcertino number 5 – 23 March 2020

Hope you’re OK out there and working on the acceptance and courage thing – the Serenity Prayer (previous post) which I find to be so powerful.

Some of you asked for this tune – Last Horizon – and this time – for the first time – up very close and with no backing … hope it tickles your fancy.

OK !! Ready for another week’s bad news ?!! Let’s just accept for now.

I still feel anger at the timid and slow way the pandemic has been handled – but anger gets me nowhere. We just have to smile and live another day to the full. We can’t be just postponing living till the CoronaVirus has gone. Postponing the OLD way of living – YES !!

Love to you all

– Bri

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