Wanna be in this video ?


Brian May: Wanna be in this video? (Kings Daughters) 24 March 2020

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this clip – the first glimpse of the coming Summer’s greatest cheer-up song-and-dance !! GET UP ! This is Kings Daughters – their debut single to be released soon. I’m proud to say I co-wrote and produced the track – unusually “UP” for me ! The wonderful energy and joy comes straight from these girls, who are about to burst onto your screens and into our lives. Lord knows we need some joy !! But here’s the fun part – they’re asking YOU to contribute to the video for the song. Here’s the moves for the chorus – as you can see, there’s room for improvisation around the theme ! So – Hey ! GET UP and send us a video of you doing the Get Up routine, and you may find yourself in the finished work !! Send your videos to info@kingsdaughters.net by 6th April.

More details on the Kings Daughters website.

GO !! GET UP !!!

Don't go down


Talia Dean and Brian May


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