Dear Humans – Serenity Prayer


Dear Humans

Apologies if this is not the uplifting stuff we all need to hear these days. There are times … By watching TV, I meant “watching TV NEWS all day”. I should also probably explain that my word ‘jolly’ means ‘optimistic’. It’s very important to keep optimism alive in ourselves and others, but the enormity of the battle ahead of us requires us to pause and, with some humility and sobriety, make sure we get our priorities right. Be safe, Folks. Just realised I overran my 60 seconds so the end of my message didn’t transmit.

I was saying we can’t afford any complacency because it is those dismissive denials which will prevent us winning the war against this monster that is among us. But only if we let them. Just one more thing. Finally, finally, we have some serious measures in place in the UK.

But, folks, do NOT wait for Mr. Johnson to tell you to cut down your physical social interactions to as close as humanly possible to ZERO. Do it NOW. STAY HOME – and KEEP EVERYONE ELSE OUT. Protect yourself, your family, and all the rest of us too.

Brian May: Dear Humans – 22 March 2020

The Serenity Prayer. Still the most powerful tool for steering a path through adversity. Before you turn the page, read it once more.

Serenity Prayer