Love Of My Life – MicroConcert #16 – Hammer To Fall



Love of my Life – #MicroConcert number 16.

Brian May Love of My Life guitar for Kerry Ellis – Microconcert #16 – 10 Apr 2020

This is the guitar track I sent over to Kerry Ellis for her recent live Instagram concert. Her lovely rendition of the song, holding her laptop in her lap, which delivered my performance, became one of the most well-received posts of mine in recent times, and you can still see it right here.

Lots of you have asked if you could have the original guitar track to perform to. I was a little hesitant, because it was done as a special commission for her – but, with her usual generosity, she’s told me she’s fine for it to be out there in the world. So here it is. This arrangement was designed for a 12-String acoustic guitar, and I must have performed it hundreds of times that way, but I didn’t have one with me in my self isolation situation, so, unusually, I played it on a BMG electric guitar.

I hope you enjoy singing to it, in your living room, or in your bath, or in your head !

Hammer to Fall – Jeff Scott Soto et al – the LSwFF ALL STAR Band !!

Rising to my challenge to #jamwithbri these guys took it to a whole new level – and then some. They made it into a feature film ! Of course Jeff Scott Soto is an old and dear friend, and a top artist, and has sung with us many times. But all these guys and gals are top level musicians whose work I know and admire. For me it’s a wild buzz – and the greatest compliment – that they would put all this work into taking up a challenge on my song. I feel totally honoured. And certainly humbled too – my GOD ! The soloing here ? Awesome. All the performances top line. And the production would shame many a six figure promo clip – I love the story! Watch and wonder !!! A million thanks to all you guys – and please send me some hashtags and handles to put on this.

Hammer To Fall LSwFF ALL STAR band

– original is on YouTube at

A moment in time. A moment to reflect. Check back with me around 5pm today for … something completely different !!! Sending love to you all, folks, on Good Friday – hope your day at home turns out to be not too bad. Hope we all find something to be grateful for this Easter weekend.

Brian May – A moment to reflect

Lockdown jammin’ with my neighbour !! Mesdames et Messieurs ! Je vous presente —- GARY BARLOW !!! We got together, but only virtually, to pay tribute to the fabulous Beatles, and hopefully raise some smiles out there. Get Back ! Of course there is no way to get back today – to where we once belonged – only forwards to a New World. But this simple Lennon/McCartney song is immortal. So you could say this is where #thecroonersessions meets #jamwithbri – for your pleasure !

Happy Easter Isolating – or fighting – dear folks. I hope this helps !!

Actually, did I say simple ? Yes, so it appears … but when you actually start to PLAY it, you find it has all sorts of fascinating little twists and turns. A fun challenge !!

Gary Barlow et moi ! The FULL version –

Gary Barlow and Brian May Get Back – 10 April 2020