Lovely piece of art – Highlight of week – Good for Freddie’s ego


Brian and Moon by Flory Garcia

Inspired by….

Bri - Love of my Life - photo Melanie Gomez Photography
Credit Melanie Gomez Photography

So happy to share this lovely piece of art from Flory García – thank you Flory ! Something inspired like this makes me feel very lucky. When I was a kid, picking up a guitar for the first time, it was way beyond my wildest imagination that some day I would find myself the object of such love and appreciation. Even now, mostly I have little self-confidence at my core, so I deeply appreciate the tribute. And this also means a lot because the ultimate joy of an artist has to be to inspire other artists of talent – such as Flory – to create works of art. Just as I love to feed back my tributes to a seminal artist like James Burton – who massively influenced the course of my life – I’m proud when I’m made to feel like I’m an influence on a new generation. I’ve included the whole post so the context is documented – which also makes me smile very much. Dare I risk a hashmark ?! #Grateful !

Message from Flory Garcia
Flory Garcia

A Highlight of my week ! Working on a new track with a great singer is a top treat. I’m reminded that in so many ways it’s all about The Journey. With this lady,  Kerry Ellis, with her beautiful pure tones, I have the opportunity to trade ideas with someone as dedicated to exploring music as I am. Even a rough Kerry guide vocal on an experimental backing track I’ve just thrown together is inspiring. Here she is in my own small studio, trying out some new approaches – and evidently enjoying the journey. More soon !

Kerry Ellis

Kerry Ellis

Eeek ! Thank you, Polish Folks ! And thanks British Embassy Warsaw. And thanks “a B rit in Poland” And thanks Christianne Glossop. I think this would be good for Freddie’s Ego !!!


Freddie Mercury street sign. Warsaw