Lovely and adored Mummy – Churchillian !! – Question of eating animals


To my lovely and adored Mummy. You taught me what is right, decent, compassionate, and worth fighting for. With all my love. And to all Mummys out there who give their whole selves to their children. And thank you Linda Geijs for this beautiful gift – which has given me such great pleasure and comfort in a hard place.

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Churchillian !! Thank You Baked Potato !!!


The Question of Eating Animals

This is a report from – an organisation dedicated to phasing out animal sources of food for human consumption. I’m reproducing it wholesale here because I believe this is a discussion which must now be had at the highest level in all countries. You may feel that some of the narrative here is simplistic, and of course it’s always wise to fact-check an account like this that is written from a ‘campaigning’ point of view. Nevertheless I strongly believe we must all now radically re-examine the whole question of humanity’s diet – for the health of the planet, for urgent ethical animal welfare issues, and for the very survival of the Human Race. For more information I recommend following these people on Instagram. Knowledge is power !! And … THIS IS THE MOMENT to have this discussion.

Will COVID-19 Kill The Meat Industry?

If you agree – please write to your MP and tell him/her you want this discussed seriously and urgently in Parliament. Things CAN change.