Part 1 “Your Discovery Science” – Brian May on Father’s influence


Harold and Ruth May

Check out this new video which is Part One of a video series “Discovery Science” produced for Asteroid Day:

Dr Brian May features in this video series, “Your Discovery Science”, produced as part of their #AsteroidDay 2015 campaign. This is Part One of the video series. Brian is talking about his own background and how he was influenced by his father.


by Jen Tunney

BRIAN MAY: “My Dad was a huge influence on me, you know. He worked for British Aerospace.

Quite magical what my Dad could pull off. We couldn’t afford a TV, so my Dad made a TV. We couldn’t afford a guitar. My Dad really had he skills to make one. There was an old piece of a fireplace, and we thought that would make a great neck, and it was not really like anything else that was out there.

As well as being inspired by the music that was happening, I was also inspired by the Heavens, Space, the Universe, so I went to Imperial College, and then I had the opportunity to go off and do a Post Graduate Degree, and then suddenly, something seems to be happening with Queen. I chucked everything up, including the thesis. That whole history began.

The time came when my dear friend, Patrick Moore, said, “Brian, you have to finish your thesis”. It was tough, but I did it, and now I have my PhD.

HI Folks, this is Brian May – Doctor Brian May. We are ALL Scientists.”