Driven By Me ?!!! – LSC invites you


Driven By Me ?!!! An INCREDIBLE tribute

“Driven by you” for Brian May – the online champions & friends

I’m absolutely floored by this wonderful tribute. I had no idea whatsoever. My dear friends kept a secret very well. I have a strange feeling again – but I am witnessing my own jolly wake ! I feel truly privileged and deeply moved. How can I possibly thank everyone who contributed to this work ? Well I can only say here that I am profoundly grateful, and I will never forget this. Enjoy, Folks, and please give me your comments.



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Unashamed advertising !! Unashamed because I never wanted to make a profit from my recreation of the London Stereoscopic Company (and I never have – there is no danger !) It’s always been about the thrill of bringing the wonders of a 19th century phenomenon into the 20th, and then the 21st century. So if we do good business, I feel the excitement of a mission being accomplished. The original LSC had the motto “ No home without a stereoscope”. It still works for me !

Come and take advantage of our special 50 per cent lockdown offer. And … if you feel the magic … come and be a ‘friend’.

Cheers all