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Total GuitarOoouuuw !!! Not advertising of course … ! But … buy this fabulous magazine to find out who was voted Number 1 guitarist in the world !!!

A taste of the contents of the new edition of ‘Total Guitar’ – the editor tells me “We have gone Brian mad !!”

Total_Guitar_July_2020_OnTotal Guitar July 2020 - One Vision
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Total Guitar July 2020 - One Vision

Total Guitar July 2020

Total Guitar July 2020 - Red Special Rundown

My favourite Rhododendron at its magnificent best today. Grateful to see it. We pass this way only once. Choose parallel or crossed-eye stereo.

Brian May: My favourite Rhododendron – PARALLEL – 05 June 2020

Brian May: My favourite Rhododendron – CROSS-EYED – 05 June 2020

Rock giants ! Killer new version of my ‘sheer bloody poetry’ song, written around 1976,

Brian May: Rock giants killer new version of my ‘sheer bl***y poetry’ song c1976

Just in case you don’t instantly twig who these great musicians are …. Paul Crook, monster guitarist is late of Anthrax, Meat Loaf’s band, and the fantastic band which played for We Will Rock You Las Vegas, and has produced many of Meat’s albums. John Miceli also starred in the WWRY VEGAS band – and has played on many of my works with Kerry Ellis – he is known to me simply as The Mighty Miceli – for mighty he sure is – and one of the most tasteful drummers in the world. Caleb Johnson is a spectacular find – plucked from winning American Idol 13th series – he’s a raw talent who has managed to keep his edge through thick and thin – and delivers a blistering TYMD. I should probably add that these guys are dear friends of mine, but I swear I had no influence on them creating an amazing version of this song from “A Day at the Races“.

For the full-length version you’ll have to head over to !!!