Recovering slowly – 18 years ago – Another World en Español


Brian May: Recovering slowly 3 June 2020

Hi Folks

Just a quick word – actually managed to get to the Music Room.

I’m recovering slowly. Still crawling around the house on my hands and knees – not very rock star-like.

Amazing 18 years ago I was on top of Buckingham Palace, the loneliest place in the world, and “God Save The Queen” and terrified outta me wits, but one of those times when you face the fear and you’re never quite the same again after it.

Anyway wishing you all luck and hopefully one day I’ll be functional and I’ll be out there and we’ll do stuff … some great stuff maybe. God bless.



God Save The Queen – live atop Buckingham Palace – Exactly 18 years ago today. Thank you @maryf.3d – for this remembrance.

Another World – en Español.

Thanks to Vanessa @dream.of.thee for putting this together – my solo work isn’t very accessible in the digital world.

Brian May: Otro Lugar put together by dream.of.thee – 03 June 2020