Crackin’ on for Christmas Eve – Lament of the Ostrich


Brian May: MY solution to the Christmas Blues – 24 December 2020

Well, this is MY solution to the Christmas Blues. About 40 mins of static biking (plus a few fitness/strength exercises – plus a hot shower and a cold shower). If you feel inspired to do the same – please be CAREFUL. Don’t suddenly go all out and hurt your body. Get proper advice, from a physio who knows what they’re doing … and go gently at first. Monitor your heart rate as you go. Most bikes and cross trainers have a heart-rate monitor, or you can use a fit-bit watch or something similar. Work up to about 75 per cent of your maximum recommended heart rate – which is 220 minus your age. For me that’s a max HR of about 130 BPM. I do a 10 minute warm-up first at low stress, then step up to intervals of higher stress for a minute or so, interspersed with more restful periods. But don’t just take it from me – get some help from a professional at some point.

Having said all that … I find this a massive help to my feelings of well-being, especially in days when I don’t feel at all in the mood for doing it !! On average I do this about 3 or 4 times a week these days – though when I was really struggling a few months ago I was doing 5 or 6 days a week. I also try to fit in a day to walk in the park and a day to for a serious swim.

So ! I’ll spare you my thoughts on Brexit … though I can tell you I’m not jumping up and down waving a Union Jack flag. I’ll also spare you my thoughts on the shambles of Britain’s Government’s endlessly indecisive strategies to attempt to contain the currently accelerating pandemic. Screw it all !!! I’m off for my shower !

Cheers all !!!

The Lament of the Ostrich – by Gordon Snell Read by Anita Dobson. For the PHAB charity, 2020.