Mornin’ Folks – Day 2 rehearsal


Mornin’ Folks !!!

On it !!! It’s a beautiful day.

BRIAN MAY: Nagoya – Mornin’ folks – Hello bike – 03/02/2024

YESSS !!! Show Day tomorrow – TODAY ! Sunday.

BRIAN MAY: Nagoya – Day 2 rehearsal – 03/02/2024

Here’s my Guitar rig, and my scruff-bag jet-lagged face half way through a long final day’s rehearsal. Some final adjustments to the set list and treading a fine line between playing enough to polish every song, and playing too much and making the finger ends raw – which is an ever-present concern at this point for me.

OK – now we have put in the work, and a few small prayers are in order that we will deliver what we have prepared without any noticeable train-wrecks !! 😊

This stuff never gets easy – but that’s probably why we love it so much.

The extra ingredient will arrive tomorrow – the most crucial ingredient of all —- you !! THE AUDIENCE !!! We decided many years ago that we would invite our audience to perform with us every night. And that’s what sets fire to the show.

Sayonara folks !!!


( Let’s go to work !!! )