BRIAN MAY: Tokyo workout – 01/02/2024

WORKOUT !!! starting the way I intend to carry on ! 50 minutes of attention to health and intent is a good way to get my stiff old bones working for the day. I’ve been on it for the last six weeks, determined to be fit for this Japan escapade.

Dear Folks – we pass this way only once ! We get just one chance at living this dayto the max. Carpe Diem !!! Seize the day !!! well, fine words – but we shall see if I can live up to them today !! Certainly grateful to be here in Japan once more – you never know if it’s the last time.

Ohayo Gozaimas’ !!


 Infinite stereoscopic opportunity in Gym ! I’m in there somewhere – but as we all know, sequential stereoscopic selfies are beset with flaws – which I haven’t attempted to deal with here. And … stereo window ?! Who needs it ?!

Tokyo gym - parallel
Tokyo gym - cross-eyed

cheers all
– Bri