Jupiter and Saturn – Magical Christmas Pudding


Is it sunset time where you are right now ?? Are the skies clear ? Then have a look outside right now and find a place with a clear western horizon – and you MIGHT see something like this. Even better if you have some binoculars. The skies for us in England are hopelessly cloudy – so I didn’t even want to torture you ! But we can all enjoy this beautiful and rare view of a VERY close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Thanks to Damien Peach who took this in the crystal clear dark skies of Chile. Am I jealous ? Yep ! But this is a great view for us all !

Jupeter and Saturn
Credit: Damian Peach …made with the 1-m telescope in C

The Magical Christmas Pudding

By Elizabeth Long, read by Anita Dobson. This one’s for kiddies.