Artistic delight


Artistic delight !! I thought it was time for a special nod to an artist who has made me smile again and again this year. Marilyn Chaparro makes magic – and this little gallery is only the tip of the iceberg. This is a thank you from me for honouring me in making me the focus of some of your lovely work. I’m pretty sure Marilyn will deliver prints – so if any of you are inspired by her art, go visit her IG feed.

And – just a word in ALL your ears out there – you who devote yourselves to art of all kinds – don’t ever feel that it’s a competition – there is a place for us all – if we just keep doing it for the love of it. If you’re feeling you’re no good today, or that you’re not noticed, just remember that we ALL get these feelings. Me included, for sure. We just have to believe in the shadows that the light will come. And you can believe I personally appreciate ALL of you who create with love for me.

Marion Chaparro - art 01

Marion Chaparro - art 02

Art 09 - white