Soon May the Wellerman come !



Soon May the Wellerman come !

OK ! Micro-concerts are back !!!

This was too good to miss ! I’ll leave it to you guys to do the guitar harmonies (‘cos I don’t have any tech here) and sing along ! – Jam with Bri, Nathan Evans, Talia Dean – and thanks Talia for turning my little heart on to this great toon !

Brian May – “Soon MAY the Wellerman Come” Sea Shanty Micro-concert

Hey Folks 

Hope you’re well out there and keeping your spirits up.

I find a guitar helps, you know, but every now and again something comes along that’s great. This guy called Nathan Evans who does hia fantastic Sea Shanty things and I got myself a little, little basic simple drum box, not quite right but it’ll do, so with your uh, with your permission – two two three four.

<Plays> “Wellerman”

See the nice thing is it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes once you keep up. That’s the thing that’s really important when you’re learning to play with your mates. You can’t kind of stop and say, “Oh you better do that again”. Yiu know you got to keep going, so even you learn to kind of play through your mistakes as i do and pretend that you meant to do that.

God bless you all, Take care and especially God bless Nathan Evans.

Rock on folks !

This is my current fling guitar – the Pinkest of all Pinks BMG Special that I used for the WOMAN video – we’ll be auctioning it next month for women’s health charities. I’ll keep you posted. Happy Sunday comrades !


The Wellerman cometh again ! With honourable friends ! Thanks Sarah @blueprintblues for this fantastic mix !!!

Wellerman mix: Brian May, Nathan Evans and pals
edit by Sarah @blueprintblue