Nathan Evans – Kings Daughters – Phobos & Deimos – Valentine


Bri and Nathan Evans – Wellerman

This great guy probably doesn’t realise (yet) how chuffed I am that he’s so chuffed. Hope I get the chance to play on his album.

Hmmm … I wonder if ‘39 would suit him ? Well it IS a kind of sea-faring song – written while sailing on the Milky Way, about 118 years in the future, I guess. What d’ye think ? “Don’t you hear my call ….”?



Oh my Lord !!! New reborn Kings Daughters has risen from the ashes and is pure Blues !! And features – yes – the magnificent Arielle – Talia’s new partner in Sorcery. This solo completely kills. The Devil I Know – a tragic love song for Valentine’s Day – is out TODAY !!!

Click on the Link in my SLINK, to experience the whole devilish thing.


Phobos & Deimos stereo

I believe this is the first stereo view EVER made of the two Martian moons Phobos and Deimos taken from the surface of Mars itself.

Thanks to having the honour to communicate with NASA’s top man Jim Bell, I was able to find the elements of this picture in the archives of the Mars Rover SPIRIT – and couldn’t resist making a 3-D version. The left and right images here are two frames from a movie taken by the Spirit camera looking up into the sky on Mars at night. The apparent distances of Phobos (below) and the smaller moon Deimos (above) have some authenticity because the angular speeds of the two satellites are what gave us the ‘parallax’ differences here. I’m excited because the NEW NASA mission to Mars is due to touch down in just 4 days time. It will miraculously land a new rover called PERSEVERANCE and a helicopter on the Martian surface – at a perfect location to study deposits in an ancient river delta – with the possibility of finding the remains of – LIFE on MARS. Amazing stuff.

Perseverance has a great stereo camera on board !!! Claudia Manzoni and I are proud to be team members of the expedition and will hopefully be bringing you 3-D treats from Mars soon. Watch this space !!!


Such a Valentines Day treat ! My nearest and dearest plotted with to make this amazing special order for me ! I’m very thankful grateful and blessed !

Brian’s Valentine Cake 14 February 2021