Bending strings and pondering things [Micro Concert]


Brian May: Bending Strings and Pondering Things – 13 June 2020

Well, I hesitated to include this as a micro concert. But it’s the first time I’ve picked up the guitar for many days of struggling to get there. No fireworks – just a first reacquaintance with my ‘voice’. So I’m sharing it.

But also I wanted you kind folks to see that I still have a sense of humour in my choice of T-shirts ! Thanks Anne [Brummer] for this gem !! To be fair, the shirts were made long before I had my heart attack adventure. Anne asked me if she should withdraw them, but I told her it really didn’t bother me. Perhaps it was all meant to be ! I think she has a few left, if you guys want to join the fun !

Apologies for the fact that for the last part of this video, my left hand has slipped out of view. I must be out of practice! But at least you can see my right hand!