Had to share this !


Had to share this ! An e-mail today from an old friend – Paul Conroy, who, 50 years ago, was a very influential agent on the budding Rock scene in London. He was present when we were auditioning bass players, helped us tentatively find a way into the live circuit, and played our first demos to the then very powerful Tony Stratton-Smith – boss of Charisma Records. As far as I remember, he passed – and we signed to Trident and the rest is … erm … a murky history !

Kingston Polytechnic flier and Paul Conroy email

Thanks Paul. And thanks Andrew Daw for connecting me today. And —- a message to all ye young bands who might worry about your name being small on a poster, or flier, or ad, as this is … well, it’s sure better than not being there, and … who knows where it might lead !!! We were lucky. I’ll tell you a story … !!!