Kerry’s Podcast – New 15ml SAVE-ME Perfume


I wonder how many of ‘’My People” (that’s YOU, folks !) know about Kerry’s “Keep Calm and Kerry ON” podcast series ? Well, it’s built up a great following, with Kerry interviewing all kinds of performing arts people. Well, this episode got hijacked — By ME ! So in this one, the final episode of Season Two, the tables were turned and Kerry sits in the Hot Seat, giving out HER thoughts in Life, Love and Learning and stuff. So ! Time to get into podcasts folks !!! You know – it’s easier than I thought !!!

Have FUN !!

Available in June 2021 on ! The new 15 ml bottle of the acclaimed SAVE-ME perfume.

Brian May introduces 15ml Xerjoff SAVE-ME perfume – 19 May 2021

“I’m here with Sergio Momo, who is the creator of Serge of perfumes and the creator of this amazing SAVE-ME perfume. You have seen the big one and now please welcome there’s more – one 15 ml, 15 milliliters – much cheaper, much more affordable – not cheap – inexpensive, but beautiful and smells absolutely as beautiful and wonderful and these special beautiful bottles. Everything is recycle… recyclable and the good news is we are ready. Come and get it, yeah, absolutely. From next week it will be online and every perfume bottle sold benefits Save Me and Sergio has been incredibly generous in creating this way of funding so much of our operation at Save Me. We’re saving wild animals every day. So your help is appreciated. Thank you very much.”
Bri and Sergio

LINK to perfume HERE