What’s in the Gold Series “Back to the Light” shop


OK ! Come SCROLL with me !

Here’s what’s in the GOLD SERIES BACK TO THE LIGHT shop for pre-order.

Hope you all find something you like. There are a few little extra touches, as you will see soon. It’s been fun working on the whole collection – making it just that bit more special than it was in 1992. Thanks for the great response today on the launch. Exciting for me to feel the excitement out there.

This is just the beginning. We’re already working on the next issue in this GOLD SERIES. I’m hoping I can polish and reissue ALL my solo work this way as time goes on. My reasoning for NOT putting out a massive boxed set of everything all at once is:

(1) it enables me and my team to take our time and focus completely on each album, one at a time to get the very best out of it.
(2) That makes it an enjoyable process
(3) I feel that from your point of view out there it’s quite hard to assimilate dozens of tracks all at one go. This way, you can enjoy each project in bite-size chunks at a leisurely pace – just like it was 30 years ago.
(4) It makes it more affordable. It doesn’t require a massive outlay of cash all at once.
(5) I’m a born ‘collector’ myself. I love the feeling of building a collection, and that’s what we’ll all be able to do here. We’re giving ‘Instant Grat’ tracks away with every purchase too … so you don’t have to wait for everything.

I hope this is fun for you folks – I do read your feedback – let me know your thoughts. OK ? I’m always willing to listen and learn.

– Bri


BTTL 01 - cassette

BTTL 02 - CD

BTTL 03 - vinyl LPBTTL 04 - Picture disc

BTTL 05 - Picture Disc

BTTL 06 - 2CD

BTTL 07 - Collector's Box Set

BTtL 08 - Brian May tunes guitar

BTTL 09 - Cozy Powell and Brian May

BTTL 10 - Cover picture