Heading to 30th Anniversary Back To The Light


Heading into the 30th Anniversary of my first solo album – BACK TO THE LIGHT – I’ve been pondering these images – and I’m sorry I don’t have ALL of them to hand. Delving into my history, preparing for the imminent re-release of this epic, I have been a kind of father-figure looking back kindly on a young man who was fighting his way out of a kind of emotional black hole. The strange thing is that the father-figure that I am today is still battling internally, searching for answers to the same questions – even though the landscape has changed. Thanks, Bri-artists (and I mean ALL of you) for helping me visualise what is going on.

Pondering images - Back To The Light

OK folks ! Nearly ready ! Getting close to an announcement about the re-launch of my 1991 first solo album. It’s part of a whole plan to make all my ‘oeuvre’ available – all beautifully restored, augmented, remastered, and hopefully irresistible to a whole new generation ! I wanted you folks – my ‘people’ – to be the first to hear about what we’ve been cookin’.

This little gold stamp is the thread that will pull it all together. I’ll explain more later (perhaps right here) – but for now, I’ll leave you with this hint of things to come. OK ?

Brian May Gold Series logo

Have a great weekend, folks.