CNN – Queen’s Brian May revists his solo sounds


Shared with CNN News source affiliates across the USA on Friday last from Brian’s “Back to the Light” album launch day, the story is now live on

Queen’s Brian May revisits his solo sounds
9 August 2021

The guitarist/singer talks about the re-release of his first solo album, created at a particularly difficult time in his life.


Brian May

RICK DAMIGELLA: Brian May released his first solo album in 1992. That album, “Back to the Light” is the first in a series of remastered and expanded reissues.

BRIAN MAY: It was a really cataclysmic period for me, which the album represents and encapsulates really.

I feel very excited that I’m just in the position where I am saying to a new generation, here’s an album. This is me. This is what I feel. And this was me trying to face one of the worst periods in my life, getting through it, and finding the next place, looking for that light place.

I guess I’m trying to recapture that moment when you get an album for the first time, and you just sit down with it, and you play the first side, turn it over, and you play the other side. And you immerse yourself in the journey of that album. That’s what the intention is here. It’s that kind of album.

RICK: In Hollywood, I’m Rick Damigella.