Easter Eggs ?! – Tiny Wilma – Red Special Afficionados Save-Me donation


Easter Eggs ?! Not quite … but here’s an Easter treat.

The Perseverance Rover, currently looking for evidence of Life on Mars, was smart enough a few days ago to Look Up to the Skies and See … the amazing spectacle of Phobos, the bigger of Mars’s two moons, transiting across the face of the Sun. How cool is that ? So this is like a Martian eclipse of the Sun – except that Phobos is not big enough to cover the Sun as viewed from the Martian surface.

Then my dear friend and astro-stereo colleague was smart enough to make this stereo of the occasion, so we can all get the feeling of standing on Mars and looking up (with eye protection) at this phenomenon. I’ve done my polishing – and was happy to see that nice group of sunspots too. PARALLEL free-view, and CROSS-EYED free-view.

Happy Easter folks !!!



Phobos - parallel


Phobos - cros-seyed

Photo credit: NASA and Claudia Manzoni.

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue

Harper Asprey - tiny Wlma


A tiny Wilma is moved out of intensive care after two seeks. She was dropped from the sky by a kite. This is one very lucky easter bunny! Support us by sharing, sending love or in some way by click here https://hawr.co.uk/donate-to-us

Red Special Meetup USA Save-Me donation
These great Red Special afficionados raised a fantastic donation to Save-Me – thanks so much guys !!!

And big thanks from all our rescuees … all the baby foxes, badgers, deer, birds, hedgehogs … who will benefit from your kindness !

Lots of love