Fitness – Sciatica – Green screen capers – Tik Tok Talk – So apparently


Fitness or lack of fatness

Fitness or lack of fatness ?!! Ha ha ! Hopefully both. I wonder how many of you relate to this heart rate trace. Yes, I’m sure I’m gonna get messages telling me I’m doing it all wrong !

But this is me on my Static Bike this morning, following my Cardio Rehab trainer’s directions (using ZOOM). This represents a 42 minute ‘long haul’ – holding the heart rate at a moderate high (120-125 bpm) for 15 mins, by adjusting the pedalling rate. There’s a 15 minute gradual warm-up at the beginning, then 15 mins of sweat ! Then 10 mins cool down. So you can see my heart is at least working !!! I do about 4 cardio sessions per week at the moment. I’m in training for next May 2022 ! Guess what hopefully happens then ? How are you folks keeping fit out there ? Tell me  !

And here is the human side ! Of exercise, that is. We gotta keep fit, folks. If you’re wondering about my pal and inspiration on the wall beside me, search out Cyrus Dallin. To me, this ‘Appeal to the Great Spirit’ is about asking for direction, inspiration, and the power and wisdom to do good in the world. Or, as my Sunday School teacher used to say, ‘Lord, make me an instrument of Thy will.” Well, it’s a good way to start the day. Peace, folks.

I was answering a response on the previous post from someone who is suffering from Sciatica. I gotta say that when my own sciatica was at its most excruciating, the best thing to make the pain bearable was BIKING. Best thing for me ! Going at it on the bike – it gets the blood going for healing – it eases the pain – and it also boosts the spirit. Quells depression. Really ! Do it !!

Good luck out there.

Green screen capers. From my shoot last week. With those socks … remember ? Just so you know, if they shoot you against a green background (and you don’t wear anything green) in post-production they can put you on any background they like … magic !! Now what will that background be ?

Green screen capers 01

Green screen capers 02

Green screen capers 03

Cheers – Bri

This is my attempt at Tik Tok Talk !

But you guys (‘MY’ folks!) already know where I’m comin’ from … right ? However I’ m determined to give BACK TO THE LIGHT its best chance at being a hit in 2021. Hmmm … what I need is …HELP ! What I need is … an army ! Right ? Anybody up for joining up ? Bless ya folks.

Official Charts tweet

Oh !!! So apparently we are ‘eyeing’ the Number 1 spot with Queen’s Greatest Hits ??? Well – not saying that would be a bad thing !!!! I think you all might need to order a brand new copy of Britain’s biggest selling album of all time ? Right now ? Nice in Vinyl … or cassette !!! And while you’re there, I think you might need to preorder a shiny new copy of that fabulous premiere solo album of that curly haired guitarist …. what was it called ? Ah yes ! BACK TO THE LIGHT !!! OK folks – that’s the end of the hard sell for tonight !

Cheers all !