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Sign up !! For the Bri-Army !!! Everything I do is gonna be Driven by YOU !!!

Yeah, so we decided to get serious about this and if you wanna join Bri Army and help me do various things, but first of all maybe get me a No 1 record. Can’t be that hard.

You can join up at 11AM tomorrow [Friday] British time. a link will go live on my SLINK and it will take you to a place where you can sign up. It’s probably for life, I’m sorry. Probably a lot of filling in forms and stuff, for which I sincerely apologise, bit it means that for the first time in my life I will have a kind of mailing list that I can use to send out information about what I’m doing and you can get it first. So if you don’t mind doing that, bless your heart if you do, you will immediately get a reply – an email saying thank you for doing it, and along with that will come a button to press to purchase this amazing t-shirt at really cost price to us, because I don’t want to be making a profit out of it, ‘cos if you are going to it wear it, you’re gonna do me a lot of good. That would be great. I would appreciate it.

The idea of the Bri-Army right now is to kind of spread the word I suppose. I don’t know much about modern communications, but it seems like a nice idea to me.

So they will be cheap, and cheerful and 11AM, check my SLINK. So that’s tomorrow for you guys in the States who are still living in yesterday. And I must say I would prefer to be in yesterday.

For you guys in Britain it’s today, 11AM. Not very long to go before that happens, and I will cross my fingers that it all works. And then we’ll talk about what the Brian Army can do okay.

So I thank you. I’m the only person vain enough to have a picture of himself on his t-shirt, so there must be some reason for this, okay.

Mwah… God bless you all. Thanks for your help. I will see you in the ranks of the army.

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