Need an Army !!


To get to number 1 … I’m gonna need an ARMY !! Anybody wanna join up ?! Well, tomorrow I may have news !!!

Cheers, soldiers !!!


Bri-Army t-shirt - modelling

Bri-Army t-shirt detail


It’s true ! This can only be driven by YOU FOLKS !! I can’t get a hit album on my own. What I need is an ARMY !! And a pyramid scheme !!! Ha ha !

Later today I’ll post a message from my recruiting officer with details of how to sign up for the Bri-Army – if you’re up for this adventure/campaign/thrust ! And —- by the way — anyone who has put up with the bothersome business of signing up gets a reward – the option to get this T-shirt – special offer zero profit dirt cheap !!! After all, by wearing it, you’re fighting for Bri – and for us all to get BACK TO THE LIGHT !!! OK – I’ll stop shouting now …