Simple drawing – The Business – Jupiter – Winner National Stereoscopic Assoc Competition


Well, Marilyn Chaparro says this is just a ‘simple drawing’. Well, to me this is pure magic. I get a thrill out of seeing people do things I could never do. When I was younger I might have felt envious. But as you get older and more mellow, and gradually find out who you are and what you have to offer, somehow there is more and more joy in KNOWING people with extraordinary talent – and watching it blossom. This song from Back to the Light speaks about talent … well, here it is !!! Thank you Marilyn for honouring me – by making me (and my song) your subject.

THE BUSINESS !! This has to be the greatest cover EVER of one of my tracks. It’s not from Back to the Light – but from Another World. It resonates massively with me because we’re now working on this album – for the next issue in my GOLD SERIES. Also because these wonderful boys did it for my belated birthday present ! But most of all because this is fn brilliantly done !!! Neil Fairclough and Tyler Warren —- THANK YOU so much. Enjoy this in sideways stereophonic on your phone – but this is not the whole clip – for that you’ll have to visit the authors of this masterpiece !!!

Jupiter !!! Photos by Jamie Cooper – who sent me these two images a couple of nights ago. He was just setting up his scope, and experimenting with different ways of processing his planetary photos – hence the different textures in the left and right images. But of course I could not resist the stereo opportunity. Here we see a transit of Io – one of Jupiter’s giant ‘Galilean’ moons. And I got lucky – it’s quite entertainigly stereoscopic. But I’m not quite sure what is going on here ! I’m showing my inexperience here but … think the dark dot is the shadow of Io – not the moon itself. But then – where is Io ? Jupiter is close to opposition – meaning the Sun is directly behind us as we look at Jupiter right now – so the shadow of this moon should appear very close to the moon itself. So where is Io ? All comments welcome – maybe you can enlighten me !

Jamie Cooper - 01
Jamie Cooper – 01
Jamie Cooper - 02
Jamie Cooper – 02
Jamie Cooper - 03
Jamie Cooper – 03
Jamie Cooper - 04
Jamie Cooper – 04

Quick one. Jamie Cooper says “You can just see the disc of Io (ringed) to the right of its shadow. It appears to have darker regions top and bottom.” He also says it’s been a while since he imaged the planets and … wait til he really tries !

Jamie Cooper - 05
Jamie Cooper – 05
Jamie Cooper - 06
Jamie Cooper – 06

Just to be clear … that dark spot viewed in the stereo looks like it’s a moon, standing out in front of Jupiter. But it’s not a real effect. The reason it stands out is that it moved between the exposures: as the moon moved, so did it’s shadow. The parallax is false, but it gives us some amusement. The great planet Jupiter itself also rotated a little between the two captures – so it gives a nice ‘roundness’ in the stereo, which we can say is pretty much ‘real’. Solar System stereo is endless fun. Thanks Jamie. The last image is a Stellarium simulation (what they think it ought to look like !)

Honoured by an expert here ! Thanks Hubble Doge – I needed that !

Hubble dodge

I’m having a stereo enjoyment day, this bank holiday. Belated CONGRATULATIONS to Vanessa Grein for winning first prize in the National Stereoscopic Association competition ! Vanessa has carved out a whole new dimension in fantasy space-scapes, a wonder to behold (Vanessa Grein check her IG) – and also has been doing a superlative job on the Mars Perseverance stereos. Here she collaborates with Hubble Doge – who also won a prize at the NSA – and the result is … very cool ! Space Art rocks !

Vanessa Grein - 01
Vanessa Grein – 01
Vanessa Grein - 02
Vanessa Grein – 02