How cool is this ? – Jupiter


How cool is this ? Jupiter seen on the 29th of Oct, a few nights ago.

Jamie Cooper has pulled out all the stops – in the face of freezing extremities ! Haven’t seen such a great Jupiter stereo in a very long time. Enjoy ! Free-view ! Or use an OWL on the first version here – or the version I’m about to post up on my Stories !

Is anybody asking the question – How REAL is this stereo ? Well this is how I see it. It’s not an ‘instantaneous’ stereo – these exposures were taken a couple of hours apart. As Jupiter rotates, we see Its surface moving from left to right. So we’ve produced what can be regarded as a REAL sequential stereo here by putting the first image on the right. And the later one, which shows us a bit more of its left side, on the left. It’s like our eyes are a couple of million miles apart. So we see the planet nicely looking like the giant slightly flattened sphere that it is.

But the moons ? The moons are moving at their own rates … depending on how far out their orbits are … right ? But in the same direction of rotation and at not too dissimilar angular rates ? So I’d guess the perceived positions of the distance of those two (Ganymede, the higher one here, and Io) are not very far from reality. The higher one in front is just about to transit the disc of Jupiter and the lower one behind, just emerging from Jupiter’s shadow. OK ? Any comments welcome.

Yes – I put the stereo together, but it was a piece of cake !! So exciting to be able to work on new ‘live’ astro photos from the very talented Jamie Cooper.

SEE: (1) parallel view (2) cross-eyed view (3) mono. And I don’t know how the last one got there !

Photographs © Jamie Cooper
(stereos compiled by Brian May)

upiter parallel - 01

Jupiter cross-eyed - 02

Jupiter mono - 03

Jupiter mono - 04