Ready for BriDay 2 ?


Ready for BriDay 2 ?

Brian May: Ready for BriDay 2? – 9 Sep 2021

Hello folks, friends, fans, warriors, stereoscopists, artists,

This is Bri talking to you – just doing my final preparations for tomorrow’s big day for me. This is exactly the point where someone like me goes “Why did I say I was going to do this? What on Earth possessed me? Why the Hell would…?” Anyway, I’m doing it, I will be on BRI-TV most of the day sporadically on and off – I suppose a little bit unpredictably but my day starts about 5AM tomorrow, when I get myself sorted leave the house about 7.15 and I think about 7.30 I’ll be able to come on the air and talk to you guys about what I’m about to do, which is a couple of TV interviews. And then some preparation and some talk and then we’ll get into the kind of … our little show of the day, which is in a theatre in London and the time when we’re actually putting the “Back to the Light” video live is 2.15PM, if you’re in Britain – British summer time, which I think is 6.15AM for you Californians – 9.15 if you’re on the East Coast. But BRI-TV will start way before that. So I’m sorry if it’s an inconvenient bit of timing but if you stay up late who knows. I’ll be kind of on and off all day and hopefully doing various bits and pieces.

If you’re looking for to join us on the Q&A, that’s a bit before the 2.15 spot. That starts about 1.30 I think.

We’ll be playing the first three videos, which you can watch with us or go to YouTube and see if you like, and then we’ll be doing Q&A. I’ll be talking to Simon Lupton. The two of us will be talking and taking some questions from the floor in the theatre where I will be with the prize winners and some Press and stuff, and if you’re coming to that, bring a little piece of paper with a question on it if you fancy, because I will have a fedora ready – a little hat for you to put a question in if you fancy doing that. We figure that’s the the neatest way to get the questions moving at the end.

So if this makes any sense to you at all I will be happy to see you tomorrow and after we’ve played the the new video the “Back to the Light” video, which is the “Time Traveller” video, I’m gonna go back in and try and do some contact – do some one-to-ones with you guys on Instagram like we did last time, which was chaotic but really really fun. And I’m hoping to speak to some people I’ve never spoken to before, which is a great thing for me, you know, at my age especially. New friends is great and I think I’m going to have to tease you a little bit of the video right now so if you stay around on Instagram – just show you at least a few opening moments because I can’t hold it in any longer – the “Back to the Light” video – but the whole thing 2.15 British Summer time and you can be there in the theatre if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket – you can be on Instagram with me looking at what’s happening, hopefully, in that room or you can go straight to my YouTube channel, where that’s the exact moment when the video will appear there in full glorious technicolor.

Lots of love folks and, in anticipation, thanks for being with me tomorrow and we can go back to light and maybe kind of back to somewhere else too. God bless.

Bye for now


Couldn’t resist ! A brief teaser just to put you in the mood ….

Bri Day 2 – teaser