Back to the Light Time Traveller Friday


BACK to the LIGHT – Time Traveller Friday 10th September

Back to the Light Time Traveller world premiere info

Just in case the text in my panel is unreadable ….. here’s the info for this Friday — more details tbc if we have any !

#BACK TO THE LIGHT – Time Traveller

Friday 10th September 2.15pm BST 6.15am PST 9.15am EST

See it on the Brian May Youtube channel or join me right here on BRI-TV – LIVE on Instagram @Brianmayforreal where you’ll be sharing a ‘live in the room’ experience with a worthy bunch of prize-winners and Press folks, as part of a Q & A session with legendary Video Director SIMON LUPTON
… in a secret theatre in London

We actually hope to be live on BRI-TV for most of the day on Friday (or Briday if you must) starting at some ungodly hour in the morning (7.30 am ?) so, if you’re at a loose end, you can join me behind the scenes interviewing on GOOD MORNING BRITAIN and SKY NEWS.

See you there !!!


Back to the Light - frame 2


BACK to the LIGHT Time Traveller. 10th September 2021.

Nothin’ but Blue Track by Track from Back to the Light album (please see my YouTube channel for more of these)



Brian May: Nothin’ But Blue – Track By Track 7 Sept 2021 –

Yeah – I think Blues is a part of me. This is a bit kind of fancy for Blues if you like, but it’s definitely about the Blues and again it came through Cozy. Cozy [done] this track, just the beginnings of a backing track with some nice chords on it and it immediately triggered me. I don’t know what happened but I was thinking about about Freddie and singing about him, and at that point when I’m in the studio, at that point doing this, we hadn’t lost Freddie. He was in his last days, but I had this feeling that it was about to happen, And it was just a couple of days after this Freddie went, and I was thinking. ‘Nothin’ But Blue’ is about how’s this going to be, what’s it going to be like and just talking about my own feelings. There’s little clues in there. There’s a little kind of quote from ‘Champions’ in there that not many people recognise. There’s little bits of harmonies in there and little rhythms, which recall things about Freddie.

This track is unashamedly about Freddie,which is odd because ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ is the one that people thought was about Freddie. No – this is the one. ‘Nothin’ Bit Blue’ is Freddie.