Albert Hall gig


On 25 Jan 2021, Ray Hudson wrote:

Hi Brian,

First of all, at time when the world seems to be resembling something more akin to the plot of a Hollywood disaster movie, I just wanted to say thank you for being sometimes a lone voice for reason, civility and compassion.

I know we all have our own inner demons to battle from time to time, but on behalf of all of us out here in lockdown land, thank you for continuing to find your own way back to the light and bathing us in its glow.

So the question I wanted to ‘gently’ ask was what ever happened to the video footage of the BMB at the Albert Hall on the Another World tour? We were there and remember the film crew filming us the crowd outside waiting to go in and the fact the stalls area was cleared to allow film crews to work. It made for a slightly weird vibe and I don’t think I’ve ever heard you mention it. So I was just wondered if any of the gig will ever see the light of day – either you or Conway.

Take care and keep rockin’ Doc,

Kindest regards

Brian replied:

Thanks Ray.

Well, that’s a good question. We actually filmed it in 3-D. But a number of things happened. Firstly my voice, having more or less held up for the whole tour, deserted me on the big night night at the AH. Which to me made me not keen to even look at the video. Secondly it was done through a company that ceased to exist soon afterwards. Thirdly my only contact with this company was through someone who no longer works with me. So it all went into somebody’s vaults and right now I don’t know how to find any of it.

So thanks for the reminder. Maybe we can take steps to retrieve the footage. Thanks also for the kind words. I’ve been biting my tongue a lot recently because I don’t like peddling negativity – but my feelings about The way Britain has reacted to the Coronavirus are eating me up !! Take care. Stay safe – stay healthy !