The TRUTH about how Britain is being run


Want to hear the TRUTH about how Britain is being run ?

Over the years that Anne and I have been lobbying in Parliament for better treatment of animals, we have stuck to being a-political, finding support from individual Members of Parliament from ALL political parties for reform of the laws protecting animals. But during that time we began to understand how Parliament works, and how it can be manipulated for the personal gain of MP’s, and for the accumulation of wealth of those actually holding Government posts.

That this has actually been happening was recently confirmed in the scandalous revelations concerning Owen Patterson.

So if anyone construes my reposting of this speech as me promoting a political party, that’s a mistaken impression. I simply think this is the most honest and clearest exposition I’ve ever heard of the way our country has recently been run, by the professional politicians that we as a nation have been stupid enough to keep electing.

How can this corruption possibly be allowed to continue ?

Thank you Zarah Sultana.