Badger dabate today


Brian and the Team Badger and Save Me representatives are attending a debate in Westminster Hall (Houses of Parliament), London this afternoon, which is listed in “Parliamentary Business” on the UK Government website as follows:

Westminster Hall Business 11 December 2013
Recorded coverage of House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall from Wednesday 11 December expected to be viewable on BBC iPlayer on : 15/12/2013 – DURATION: 4 HOURS, 30 MINUTES – HERE

There is no vote and more informal a proceedings than business conducted in the main chamber of the House. This session is to “inform” MPs of the facts surounding Bovine TB and the recent pilot Badger Culls, conducted in Somerset and Gloucestershire. An independent committee will report on the success/effectiveness of those pilots in the New Year, when the Minister of State for Environment and Rural Affairs will make a decision on further roll-out. It is hoped that further roll-out won’t happen.