Announcing Star Fleet Bri TV – 17 July 2023


Hi Folks

This is Bri plucking up courage to do Instagramming again. It’s been a while and I kind of feel like I lost the knack {?}, lost my bottle maybe but hopefully the bottle will come back.

And to celebrate that we are planning to transmit once again on Bri TV this coming Monday – pretty much all day intermittently, because I’ll be doing interviews in my accustomed style and taking the phone with me so I’m hoping to be in touch with you all through Monday.

Today [14 July] is the actual release of the Star Fleet album and the launch is on Monday.

Now I’d like to tell you there’s a really good reason for that but I can’t think of one right now

but that’s the way it is.  I’m having my launch on Monday, but today it’s  available. So if you’re for a bit of 1983 nostalgia please visit my slink where you’ll find ways of doing just that.

God bless you all see you later.

Thank you