BRI-TV will be on the air tomorrow !!


Star Fleet cover - thumbnail

Well, in about 10 hours time actually … eeek ! Are you ready for this ? Am I ?!!! Well, if you’re around early-ish in the morning, please join me for random moments in my STAR FLEET launch day ! Cheers Space Warriors ! We come in all disguises ! Just call me BRI-X !!!



LISTEN OUT for Brian live on CHRIS MOYLES SHOW on RADIO X this MONDAY at 9.20AM, talking all things Star Fleet.


Radio X also to be found at: DAB 11D/12A Digital One FM 104.9 MHz London FM: 97.7 MHz Manchester Sky (UK only): 0113 Freesat: 723 TalkTalk TV: 621 Virgin Media: 960 Virgin Media Ireland: 923

And track will be played.