Fondly remembering LIVE AID at this time of the year


Fondly remembering LIVE AID at this time of year, I was pretty amazed to see this – an amazing find – thanks to @iswearshesvintage and apparently somebody called Chief Mouse on YouTube.

Here you see us rehearsing for the Queen Live Aid appearance – and talking about how we think it’s gonna be. And the rehearsal footage, captured raw, shows us in a completely different, relaxed state of mind, from the hypervibed way we will be on that extraordinary night in 1985. All sorts of adventurous variations in how we’re playing – which now seem like a precious capture by the BBC – a whole different ‘lost’ performance. In particular, listen to Freddie’s beautiful high notes in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Lots of other rare details to spot, too. I had no idea this footage was out there. Enjoy ! 


Brian May: Fondl remembeirng LIVE AID