Going home – Theme of the Local Hero


Watch out for this release – for Cancer Charity – we all answered the call of Maestro Mark Knopfler.

Mark Knopfler Supergroup – February 2024

Going home – Theme of the Local Hero – this has been a long time coming … When I played my bits on it there were only a couple of guitarists on there … I had no idea it would grow to such gargantuan proportions !

If you’re having fun figuring out who is in the picture, you’ll have even more fun figuring out who played what on the record when you hear it !!! Personally I was so inspired by the saxophone motif on the original recording I used that as my guide. Tell me what you think !!!

Mark Knopfler supergroup - The Times 8 February 2024
The Times 8 February 2024

Mark Knopfler supergroup

Mark Knopfler supergroup 02

Mark Knopfler supergroup 03

Mark Knopfler supergroup 04

Mark Knopfler supergroup 05