Wow ! Japan didn’t lose its spark !!!


BRIAN MAY: Tokyo arrival – signing. Love Japan – 31/01/2024

Signing signing signing – but these good people are not doing business with autographs on E-bay. Big thanks to this lovely group – Japanese fans ALWAYS made us feel like rock stars !!! 💖 Bri


There’s always a lot to think about in the background. There was a good chance here to return the energy – but it was a limitless window of opportunity, but it’s not always possible to do this – and I’m always conscious that someone will be disappointed, and that I don’t have the chance to thank everyone for the kind gifts. Life’s not perfect – you just do your best and hope that there is an understanding. I’m always grateful.

Wow ! Japan didn’t lose its spark !!!


 Love Japan. Love this special place. It was worth the 14 hour journey just to stand here ! Magic !