BRIAN MAY: Good morning Osaka – Gym

Good Morning in Osaka !! Ohayo Gozaimasu ! And a beautiful morning it is !

You can see the intervals on the screen of this bike – usually I do 8 peaks, but to give myself just a little extra energy for the show I’ve experimented with just 4 today.

So ! My show-day regime – 40 mins cardio biking and some stretches, hot shower, cold shower, and a shave !!! Then I can indulge myself in a plant-based breakfast which today was incredible …. Then I feel human and ready to go.

SHOW DAY !!! OSAKA DOME !!! yeeeay !!! IKIMASHOU !!! Let’s go ! Having processed my demons I have a very good feeling about today !!!

cheers all – Bri


Thanks !!! Kawai desu !!! very cute. The welcome you have all given us this time in Japan has been so touching. Domo Arigato !!!

Gift from Kawai Desu

Gifg from Kawai Desu - signature



BRIAN MAY: Walking into magnificent Osaka Dome – the afternoon – and wrapping up sound check

Sorry about the quiet commentary. The PA was making more noise than I expected ! Casually walking into this magnificent Dome in Osaka ! Pre-sound check I’m doing a little work on the Video content of my main guitar solo. These days I like it to tell a story – and every day I can develop it a little further. This version is specially for our Japanese friends. Our new rig looks incredible in this enormous Dome. I have a good feeling !!

– and –

More of our world in Osaka in the afternoon. The aim ? To optimise this evening’s show. Approaching ‘Out Front World’ ! This is where the sound mixing desk is located, along with lighting desks, Video-on-Screen control, and Laser Central !

The Boffins !

– walking into ‘The Moat’ – an area all around the front of the stage and the Thrust (catwalk) and ‘B-Stage’ which is kept clear. This keeps the audience further away from us than we would like, but safety regulations these days are very stringent. Also the Osaka Fire Marshall did not like the look of my Guitar Rockets … so we will be doing that a different way tonight ! I wonder how that will go !!!

– wrapping up sound check. some nice changes in the set list tonight ! Which will no [doubt] keep everyone on their toes ! I have a very good feeling about tonight ! See you out there !!