Sapparo: My private gym, lunch, Ice Sculpture Festival


My private gym ! Not so glamorous but – job done ! 8 peaks this time – day off – show time tomorrow in Sapporo. Sporting my Polar heart rate monitor strapped around me – which connects to the app on my phone to give me a trace of my BPM during such escapades. Fitness Rocks !

BRIAN MAY: My private gym – Sapparo – 09.02/2024

And so to Lunch !!!

BRIAN MAY: And so to lunch – Sapparo — 09/02/2024

YakiSoba – Soba noodles with bean shoots and onions etc. This was just an unassuming cafe in the shopping arcade, but such nice people serving – and it’s delicious !! Oishii desu !!! They make it completely plant-based if you ask. The world is changing !!! THANK YOU Sapporo !

Ice sculptuer - Sapparo 01

Ice sculptuer - Sapparo 02

Thanks Sapporo ! We’re proud to be a part of your Ice Sculpture Festival !