SHOW DAY in Sapparo !!! Yeeeay !!!


Short warm-up for this morning – SHOW DAY in Sapporo !!! Yeeeay !!!

BRIAN MAY: Sapparo show day – 10/02/2024

Journeying to the Sapporo Dome – a magnificent gleaming structure that looks like it just landed on Earth packed with aliens intent on colonising our ailing planet. Maybe they will fix it ?! Probably by first getting rid of the plague of humans … But I digress. Drawing up to this enormous Dome does give me chills up the spine … after all this time it’s hard to believe that we will tonight populate this indoor stadium with music fans who ALL know what to do at a Queen show !! It’s alarmingly big. If you thought about it too much you’d get too scared of going out there in that vastness. But I have great confidence in our touring team – and I know I just have to do my thing and all will be well. When playing rock shows it’s vital to remember that it isn’t a test !!! It’s an OPPORTUNITY !! An opportunity that few humans are ever given. Now all this might sound obvious, but when you’re sitting all alone in your dressing room getting frocked up and mentally going through the set list, it’s a fine line between eager anticipation and runaway apprehension. That’s the fear that stops many people from treading this road. you learn to deal with it. Right now – having just escalatored up to that incredible viewing platform at the top of this dome … I feel lucky – and excited. In the last 2 dome shows it’s been very hard to hear what you’re playing because of the enormous scale of the auditorium. Somehow I feel tonight is going to be better. it sounded great in sound check this afternoon. Sapporo no Minnasan – LET’S DO THIS !!!

Sound check done !!! Wouldn’t it be great to go up there and check out that observation tube thing in the roof of the Sapporo Dome ? maybe we could do it !!!

That’s an observation deck for sure ! (not ibservation !) Inside : that’s our stage down there !) and the view outside shows Sapporo panorama which will live on in my mind … And now – to Rock, my friends !

Rockets away ! Thank You Sapporo !! Yes, the Sapporo Fire Marshall smiled upon us !!! Arigatou !!

WOW !!! These beautiful girls inspired us all, and even in a brief clip like this their electricity still ignites my soul. Yeeeow ! Epic ! Rock !!!

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