Hello fellow stereographers.


So here I am, all shiny with sunscreen (I recommend it !), bidding you a very special day of enjoying 3-D all around the world. Of course, it’s actually all around us every day of our lives in reality – all we have to do is open both eyes. But many of us love to capture it for viewing in the same 3-D realism later on. Viva 3-D !!!

Thanks to Denis Pellerin for this 3-D video. — Bri


Brian May: Happy Stereoscopy Day 2024 !


Hello dear folks, dear friends.  This is Brian May.

Welcome to the third edition of International Stereoscopy Day, celebrating the day when Sir Charles Wheatstone first presented the theory and the practice of stereoscopy to the Royal Society, 186 years ago.  So stereoscopy is not quite of age yet I would say, but still a very inventive and impetuous youngster.  We all look forward to enjoying it for many more years and long may it be so.

So, welcome, enjoy and let’s all be 3D.

— Bri