I hope this reaches Mr May


Bill Hastie wrote:

Hello, I hope this email will reach Brian, I have a fantastic vintage Vox AC 30 Head and Vox 4×12 cabinet that I would like to go to a good home. I have owned this setup for years, this Vox gear looks and sounds fantastic, after seeing some music documentaries I see that Brian used Vox equipment extensively and I wondered if he would like to buy it? I hope you don’t mind me sending this, I am a very enthusiastic collector of vintage equipment including bass guitars amplifiers, keyboards etc. I have some photos of the equipment if it’s possible to let Brian see?

I will understand if you don’t reply to emails like this, I suppose it could come over as being a bit rude to send emails like this?

This kind of equipment means a lot to me and it is very rare to find Vox gear in as good condition as this. ( fully flight cased )

Here are some photos:
Best regards,
Will Hastie.

Pete Malandrone repleid:

Thanks Will,

We don’t use heads and cabs just the combo’s, but thanks for the thought.

I’ll ask around with my tech colleagues and see if anyone has an interest.

Pete Malandrone
Queen Productions