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Ian Dugini wrote:

Dear Brian,

Hope you’re well. I was reading about The Queen Experience at Mountain Studios. It looks to be an interesting place to visit, and basing if around a recording studio is a wonderful idea. T

he photos look great, but I was wondering if you what the mixing desk is that is featured. At first I thought it was an old Focusrite, but now I’m not sure. Can you help?

Also I was wondering if you believe that the type of mixing console used has any great effect on what ends up on “tape”. I mean for instance if you had a choice of three different 48 track machines would the choice have any baring on the end product?

Through the years every Queen album has sounded different, there has been no overall sound I haven’t liked, but for instance News Of The World has a nice earthy sound, almost like your in the room with the band, but, for example, A Kind Of Magic sounds like a very polished almost smoother sound. I know production and mixing effects this more than anything but at it’s core is the sound effected by the type of mixing desk?

I do know that this question is somewhat redundant in a world where it is easier to record on to an Apple Pc or even an iPad, but I was just wondering what your thoughts were.

Many thanks


Brian replied – see SOAPBOX

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