Queen Logo in 3D/stereo picture? Would be cool?! ;)


On 2 Feb 2021, Mike Breeze wrote:

Hello Brian! I recently did a 3D/stereo logo for my band and suddenly I realized that I never came across a Queen 3D/stereo logo/crest!

It would be a great idea! I am not as skilled as a designer to give it a try. My band*s logo consists only of letters and stars. Still, it took me a whole day to spread the stars in the 3D space.

Queen logo is more complicated with all those animals/creatures in there.

Maybe You can give it a try? Or make a fan art contest? Just an idea. In case if a Queen 3D/stereo logo already exists, sorry, I did not find it yet. 🙂

Greetings from Germany
Mike Breeze

Brian replied:

Hi Mike

Yes, I think it exists but it ’s not generally avaiable right now. Our Video content team made an incredible virtual model of the crest and could light it any way they chose to make it appear that a giant metallic crest was covering the stage. Maybe I should ask them for a reendering so we have a ncie 3-D crest for all to enjoy !

Cheers !