Letters: Guitar Delay


Sean wrote

Hi Brian,

First off i have admired your guitar playing ever since i can remember and you were the reason i picked up the guitar. your attitude to the music industry amazes me, pure passion, its like no matter what speed your playing at, your ten steps ahead knowing what your next note is going to be. im sure you get lots of emails from people telling you how great you are and stuff, but i already no that ha ha… the reason im writing is just a man like your self who is such a perfectionist, what happened to your guitar solo on itv this morning? there was so much delay i couldnt even hear the passionate melodic solo you wrote for anthem, seemed all over the place. i dont want to sound like an ass hear lol just was wandering thats all.. and also i dont expect you to put this up on your web site just hope for a reply cus its not an important matter .. all the best brian, and being an animal rights campaigner myself i thing you deserve a medal for amount of work and energy you have put into saving our country! i cant wait to come and see you at the princes trust rock gig at the end of the year.

Sean x

Brian replied:

[For reply see SOAPBOX]