The totally eclipsed Moon… in stereo


The totally eclipsed Moon … in stereo.

Apologies for not alerting you folks yesterday to a total eclipse of that old Moon that all of us on this planet share. But by way of compensation, here’s a stereo image of such an event.

Brian May and Jamie Cooper totally eclopsed Moon stereo

As you can see, it took me and Jamie Cooper 8 years and some patience to make this 3-D image – a compilation of two total eclipse moments some years apart, with the Moon at slightly different orientations, giving us the baseline to make a stereo image.

This darkening of the Moon is caused by the Earth getting in the way of the sunlight reaching the Moon – and the beautiful red colour (which is variable) is the result of sunlight leaking around the edges of the Earth – filtered through our atmosphere. Viewed from the Moon, the dark disc of Earth seen in silhouette would be bordered by a bright ring of sunsets.

I’d love to see that ! Now THAT would be a trip into space worth making – right ? !!!

Cheers !