Brian, Roger and Paul on Ukraine


“Our show in Kharkov was an unforgettable experience…one of those rare things in life which you know you will never forget. It was a meeting in Music, but also a fateful coming together to fight a common enemy… HIV AIDS…. we felt privileged to be part of this pivotal point in Ukraine’s journey… And the audience ? Stupendous!! I hope we will be back some day.

Cheers ! and Much Love

Dr. Bri

“We would like to say a big thank you to the people of the Ukraine in giving Queen such a wonderful welcome after so many years. We hope the concert helped to bring a message of awareness of the terrible threat of HIV/AIDS to all the people! We have suffered the great loss of our dear singer Freddie Mercury – we hope this kind of loss does not happen to you. Be kind to yourselves – be careful – be alive!”

Roger Taylor

“A most amazing way to start the tour with 350,000 fans to greet us in the Ukraine. To all who came out and rocked with us thank you. Jim Beach, Queen’s manager, believes that our AIDS Awareness message was received by 10 million! Hopefully we touched those hearts and minds and I pray that it makes a difference.

Paul Rodgers