Praying for better days

Japanese Nanten plant from Maki
Japanese Nanten plant from Maki

Praying for better days for all our dear friends in Japan. (thank you Maki for this special NANTEN plant symbolising the hope that good things come out of bad events).

In this moment I’m also praying for all the people in the world who at this moment are suffering because of either Nature or the cruel hand of Man. In Ukraine, in Gaza, in Sudan, in Armenia … and in places we are often hardly even aware of, even in this age of super-communication. Especially for children everywhere who are being hurt and traumatised – I’m praying for mercy and their deliverance to the life they deserve to live.

What an appalling prospect, looking at the world of Humans, to bring in a New Year. How did we go so far wrong ! And then I think of our continuing campaigns to get people to treat animals decently …. how can we even dream this will happen when humans treat other humans so terribly ?

We all feel voiceless and powerless, but perhaps this year we can turn millions of quiet voices for decency into one loud shout. To turn the world around.

Love to all
– Bri